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Have a Podcast. Now Where’s your Show Notes?

Today, we’re sharing 5 reasons why you should write show notes!


Show notes are highly valuable content (if crafted effectively) which can be leveraged for SEO. You would want your best friend Google to help drive more traffic back to your site to help grow your audience. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t read audio but reads words. And you want to use that to your advantage. You already have audio content, you have just to supplement it with a written word to further beef up its weight!

Have a shareable content

You can have a shareable content your listeners can post on social media. Capture noteworthy quotes and insightful ideas that resonate with your audience and make it easy for them to share it among friends and followers. That’s free marketing for you right there!

Demonstrate industry authority

As you are establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen industry, providing show notes to your listeners would further demonstrate your expertise. This shows how well you know about the subject and helps your listeners further digest the new learnings they picked up while listening to your episodes. It allows you to condense the meat of the show into bullet points or actionable plans that’ll be easier for listeners to refer to.

Additional References and Recommendations for your listeners

Having notes also help you put together recommendations, references, tools, links, websites, books, and authors which a lot of your listeners would appreciate. Most podcast listeners are usually on the go which makes it impossible for them to take notes even if they would have wanted to. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want to be that person who can make their lives easier? And always bringing more value to the table?

Giving your content an extended life span

You can repurpose your show notes and turn them into blog posts or newsletters. This is another opportunity for you to maximize the value of the content you already have. The more you put it out there, the more people you will reach, the deeper you can penetrate the space or industry you are trying to dominate.

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